My name is Laurel, and I have a serious relationship with food and have entertained a sedentary life style for many years. This does not bode well for being in any shape to just set off on a fun hike which I always dream of doing. At 45, I reached my highest weight of 216 pounds topping my pregnancy highs by thirty some pounds, weights I never believed I would see again. I tried to lose the weight many times before, but always either gained the weight back or just gave up because something was too hard. That is saying a lot about me too because I don’t usually give up on things or myself, but the food and inactivity had me mastered. I needed to find the thing to help me break free from the food. Several things culminated into this one project, but they are all to help me free myself in so many ways, and these ways will help me get there.

I am a perpetual planner with tendencies of attention deficiencies. I start a lot of things going full force with a head of steam. At some point, those things start to peter out and something else grabs my attention, and away I go on to another path. I am easily excitable and willing to do things for others but not so much for myself. Maybe that is what got me here. I don’t know. But, I hope that with all the plans interlinking and easily adapted to other thoughts, I will be able to continue on one path for awhile.
So why did I choose this path I am embarking on? That is a good question. I am a writer and want to be able to complete things. This mode will allow me to complete pieces regularly. I am a dreamer, and I want a place to share my dreams. This will allow me to keep them fresh. I am interested in social issues, and this will give me a forum to share my thoughts.

Follow along on my journey to see where my tendencies will take us. We may go down many paths with the hopes of getting there wherever that might be.


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