The Day/Trip is Almost Here!

I am just days away from leaving on my grand adventure. Excitement is coursing through me almost constantly. I have been feeling the stress too. I have to get my classes done and graded before I leave, and I have to go through everything to make sure that I have done or packed what is needed. But, I have seen my last doctor, 2/3 of my classes are graded, and I think I have finally found the right shoes.

Just days after my last post, I trimmed my bushes so that they wouldn’t be a massive mess when I returned. That night and the next few days, I couldn’t pick up anything. I finally went to the doctor because I didn’t want to have something that needed immediate attention to wait until I returned from Spain. It turns out that I have tennis elbow and must wear a wrist brace. That seems odd, but the weight bearing in my hand is what is aggravating my elbow. I also met my new general doctor. She is excited about what my trip will do for my health. She was the last person, who could have told me not to go and I might have listened. There are no medical barriers for the trip. But to be sure, I bought health/travel insurance.

I have also been having difficulties with shoes. I have been wearing Altra for several years. They seem to be the only all day on my feet shoes that I can wear. However, as expected, the company changed their design, again. I started looking for shoes in April. I have gone through six pairs that never really seemed to fit right. Each pair I took out on a trail with a fully packed backpack. Each pair had something wrong with them. Yesterday, I went back to REI and actually talked quite a while with someone who has hiked the Camino French Way. She got me multiple pairs of shoes to try on. None of them were going to cut it for one reason or another. Then she talked me into trying on a larger pair. Guess what, that worked. I am a little fearful that when they mash down a bit, they will become loose, but for the beginning, they will work. I have resigned to the fact that I will have to buy shoes along the way. I have considered buying a second pair and packing them, but I don’t want that weight. Also, I might find the best pair ever in Spain.

I have packed and repacked my backpack. It is the right size and full of what I am taking plus extra. With a liter of water, it weighs 18 pounds. I am happy with the weight and believe that it won’t go over 20 pounds on the trail if I mail home any extra things I get along the way. This weekend, I will cull the extras out of my pack.

I have downloaded a few books to my kindle, updated my RoadId, and deposited the last of my hoarded cash to my new separate debit account. Now I actually have more than I had budgeted. I still need to put my bank app on my phone and get my watch to the correct time zone. It also is supposed to give me storm warnings, so I will learn about that. I have purchased an international cel plan for the days that I am out of the country. There is not much left for me to do except to get to the airport with my passport.

My 20 time project is complete as of today; however, I am not done blogging. There will be one last post of what is packed. Then, I will take the next 6-8 weeks off, and I will be back with a report and pictures of my trip.