I Jumped Over A Snake

The day swiftly slipped into dusk as I made my way down the trail to my waiting car. Audible played Midnight Library on my earbud. In the background I could hear crickets. Ahead of me a dusty brown diamond head raised from the side of the trail. Being in mid-step, I could not detour. I tried to fly instead. Quickly my step turned into a leap as I flapped my arms all while screaming. I did not have contact with the snake.

It seams like every spring I have some kind of encounter with wildlife that I don’t particularly want to see. This is most often in the form of a snake. You would think that I would be more observant. And, I thought I was being safe. I watch the trail, especially this one in fear of tripping, so I should see the snake ahead of me, but I always miss them until I am practically on top of them. I am too focused on the trail right in front of me. I need to scan the area ahead and around as well.

Because of this I refreshed myself on what I should do if I actually get bit. I need to move away from the snake as calmly as I can, call 911, and if necessary keep walking, not running, toward my car or the road. The adrenaline and faster heartbeat is what moves the poison at a faster speed. So staying as calm as possible is what will help the most until help can be provided.

After this meeting with the snake, I watched much better scanning the brush and rocks in and around the trail. And because of this, I saw a little red and white snake slithering off trail into a pile of rocks. This is a much better encounter.


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