Plans Were Going Smoothly

It is amazing how nicely our plans were developing. We have our passports, booked our flights, and reserved our rooms. We were talking about our packing lists and other online things we needed to be sure to do. We even considered the things we would leave at home and buy once we were on the trail. It was all smooth sailing for us.

Then I received the text from my daughter. The airlines we booked to get to Paris canceled our flight. They offered us one to get there the day after we were planning to arrive. This would not work for us because we would have to rearrange two weeks of bookings that took us over two hours to make. So the search began again.

We were afraid that the rates would have increased quite a bit from what we paid. We were also afraid that we would have to change entry locations. However, after some research, my daughter was able to find us a flight that would only cost $179 more than previously planned. This new airlines did charge us for the ticket and then for the seats though. It is interesting what we are learning about air travel in this day and age.

We now have an extra day at the beginning of our trip and will be touring Paris together. We will have to determine what we want to see there.


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