Exercising While Traveling

Recently I went on a work trip for a conference. I had hoped to exercise at the hotel’s gym while I was there, but I also knew that I don’t like to miss out on things. I packed my leggings, t-shirt, and shoes so I wouldn’t have that as an excuse. I kept preparing myself for working out in a gym which I don’t normally do.

The flight over took all day. We met at our school’s parking lot at 3:30 am and drove in to the local airport an hour away. The first flight was two and a half hours with a five hour layover before getting on the next flight for six hours.

My exercise that day was walking from the parking lot to our gate, walking around the airport during our layover, and getting to the bus. I was sore from all the confined sitting of the day. Getting ready for bed, I mentioned to my roommate that I might want to get up and exercise before breakfast and starting the conference. Then I looked at the check-in time and decided that I needed the sleep more. No exercising took place that day unless we want to count walking from meeting room to the next and the two block walk to dinner and back. I hurt everywhere and I was struggling staying awake in the meetings.

The following morning, I got up at 5 am, despite staying up until 2am talking with my roommate, and went down to the next floor to the gym. They had treadmills, ellipticals, weights, and various other equipment. I stepped onto the elliptical and found my rhythm. It was fantastic. Soon I forgot how early it was and just went for it. I forgot to bring my music or audio book, so I just thought to myself and peered down into the building across the road.

I felt much better the rest of the day. We even went out and walked around the streets for an hour before our next meeting. Though the flight on the following day was another long one, I felt much better sitting in the confining seats. I am going to have to be sure to exercise more often when I travel.


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