We have our tickets; the trip is real. Now the fears are setting in. They are just as real.

The fear of not being prepared is first and foremost. I am out of shape and I know it. Every day, I have great plans that seem to get waylaid for work or weather reasons. I am, as I have said before, a fair-weather hiker. However, with the end in sight, I need to get over that. I have found that if the plans aren’t overly specific, I will get something done. So, I will keep pursuing fitness and keep increasing my duration and stamina.

Another fear is that we might not be able to get into France or Spain because we didn’t do something correctly or that we don’t have a compelling enough reason to enter. We will continue to research and take everything step by step. Currently the question is whether or not we need to get a visa for the three countries that our trail will take us to.

As we move closer to the trip, we will work on each of our problems and milestones. This is one time fear will not stop us. We have a goal, a destination, and a determination. Between the two of us we can do this.


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