We Bought The Tickets

We did it! It’s official…sort of. Last week my daughter and I sat down via phone to look, on our perceptive computers, at airplane tickets. We are going to Europe this June to hike the Camino de Santiago. It’s real!

It was a little nerve wracking. We were searching the great Googleverse to find the cheapest tickets while also trying to determine if it was better to fly into Barcelona or Paris. We looked at the train times and the rates going to St Jean Pied de Port from each location. We have settled on Paris because the train has a shorter time than Barcelona the plane tickets were very close in price.

In looking for the tickets, we found that there are new restrictions for flying overseas. This is causing us some worries. France requires a vaccine card, a covid test three days before traveling, a health card, airplane tickets, a hotel room, and a compelling reason to enter. This later part is causing us to worry. Is hiking the Camino de Santiago compelling enough? We do have the option of changing our flight to Barcelona, but St Jean Pied de Port is in France. We might have to make other changes.

Since buying the tickets, excitement has encompassed my life. I want to tell everyone about it. The first time I saw a person I have hiked with locally, I had to tell them that it was official; we had purchased our ticket. I excitedly tell people in casual conversation that I am going to Spain this summer with my daughter. It is always fun to get to explain the trip and watch their reactions. It’s bragging, I know. But it also extends the excitement, and in the current social climate, I need to find something to keep the motivation up. There are enough stressors out there to weigh on me and my excitement.

Soon I want to cover the travel restrictions and what steps we must take to finalize our plans. I also want to weigh in on my health and things that have been developing. Eventually I will need to address accommodations and gear. Check back to see what is new.


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