End of Covid Hiatus

I don’t know if I should appologize for the long absense or just jump right in on what I am doing now. I think the right thing to do is to catch you up a little and work on that appology.

The last few posts I wrote in 2020 were written with the intention of consistently writing and hiking on a weekly basis. That fell apart almost as quickly as I had written the promise. Like most of the world, Covid took me by surprise and greatly affected and changed my life. After several deaths of family members and close family friends, and after being stuck working from home, I fell into a hermit like funk. I wouldn’t call it depression because that would come later. The time I dedicated to my in-person students doubled or tripled. I avoided the computer if it wasn’t for work use. I quickly learned how to order my groceries and almost anything else I needed to avoid wearing the mask or going into public. I read so many homework posts that I even quit reading books for a time. We were all promised that this would be for a short time, but the time kept growing and friends an family kept dying. By the end of the summer, my job ended. Students didn’t want to go to college if they had to do it all online and teach themselves. I get it, it wasn’t an ideal situation for me either.

I quickly switched jobs and taught a modified version of high school. It was the perfect year to make that transition, only a third of the school population was on campus at a time. We had no discipline problems. But people kept dying. I just wanted 2020 to be over, as I’m sure most others did too. I knew that things wouldn’t magically be better because we entered a new year, but it felt like there were so many possibilities, a fresh slate. Twenty-twenty-one had different plans for me, however. My youngest cousin died, my dad got sick and died, my brother-in-law passed, and a close friend gave up her fight with cancer all in the first month of the year. My kids didn’t wan me calling any more because I always had bad news. As difficult as the year started, we were at least able to go on small tips to see family that we hadn’t seen as much as we had previously. But, now I was depressed. My life had been turned upside down. I couldn’t see relief or a change for the better. My life had turned into teaching and caring for my mother and brother, seeing my husband little, and doing things I loved even less.

Since our hike from Mt Hood to the Bridge of the Gods, Camazon, my daughter, had wanted to hike the Camino de Santiago for her 30th birthday. That is this year. In the summer of 2021, we began talking about it again and decided that we were going to do it. Planning and learning ensued. Now it is 2022, and I need to be in training. And what better thing to do than to start blogging again to help encourage myself, maybe even take better care of myself. In the coming weeks, I will explain what 20Time is and how it is helping me, my current health and fitness level, things we have learned about hiking the Camino, and my training milestones.

Thank you for being patient and not giving up on me.


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