Self Quarantine

Self quarantine has not been a problem for me. I quickly shifted from teaching in-person to online. Now it hasn’t been peachy, but not difficult. My biggest challenge is to not sit on the computer all day doing school work or wasting my time on the internet saving things that I will probably never use. So, I have made a schedule for myself. And as most of my schedules go, I figure I will fail terribly. I hope to hike everyday, even if it is three miles. I also want to do yard work, projects, and miraculously keep up with my grading.

What has been happening is that I spent the first week, eight hours a day, on the computer. Then I would make a fabulous dinner because I wasn’t over tired because I only got 5 hours of sleep. I have been posting my meals on Facebook and was also posting some of my good moments as well. Then while I was actually hiking, I thought that I should be utilizing this space for all the wins in my life. I don’t know how regularly I will write, but I am planning on stopping in here regularly.

Last week, I got a mini hike in. I went to the local small lake planning on hiking around it. But as I started a storm was also starting to move in. I hiked up and around the lake about 1/3 of the way around when I couldn’t tolerate the wind much longer. I was in the midst of talking myself into continuing on when the snow started to fall. That was it – the last straw. I am a fair weather hiker, and this wasn’t fair weather. I turned around and rushed back to my car. Then the snow stopped.

I did get to do some yard work for three of the seven days. I will come out of this ahead on the weeks and trimming if nothing else. I have my spring garden in my greenhouse for the first time. My potatoes are planted in the ground.

So I will continue to look for the bright spots in the day and time to hike. To you reading this, I hope you will find bright spots in your days too. Stay safe and sane.


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