Good News?

Just under two weeks ago, as I stated last Monday, I found out that a personal trainer wouldn’t work with me because she was afraid I would have a heart attack while working with her. This is because I have chest pain when I work out, sometimes, and have elevated blood pressure.

I went to my doctor this past week to get permission to work out. The first thing she said is that she has never had anyone asking for permission to work out like this. Yes I had borderline high blood pressure, but working out would help that. The chest pain is concerning, but since it goes away while I am exercising, she agrees with me that it is just my back pain radiating through my chest. Internal nerves are nonspecific. Meaning that just because my chest hurts doesn’t mean that is where the true pain is coming from. This is good news.

However, she doesn’t feel that she should say everything is alright if I am asking, and a personal trainer is asking. So, she ran an EKG which came back with few minor blips. She has also requested that I start taking blood pressure medicine, see a cardiologist, and possibly get a special stress test because menopausal women often show a false result.

I can keep on doing what I have been doing. So, I am hiking and climbing hills, I am using the elliptical, and I am keeping busy at home.

I take this seriously. It might be nothing, but we want to know. Just a year ago, my cousin who is two months younger than me was in the hospital for a major heart attack. This is something I don’t want to risk. I want to live, and I mean live, well into my 90s. That means to think about what I am doing and how I am doing now. I need to pay attention and start taking care of myself better.


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