Good News?

Just under two weeks ago, as I stated last Monday, I found out that a personal trainer wouldn’t work with me because she was afraid I would have a heart attack while working with her. This is because I have chest pain when I work out, sometimes, and have elevated blood pressure.

I went to my doctor this past week to get permission to work out. The first thing she said is that she has never had anyone asking for permission to work out like this. Yes I had borderline high blood pressure, but working out would help that. The chest pain is concerning, but since it goes away while I am exercising, she agrees with me that it is just my back pain radiating through my chest. Internal nerves are nonspecific. Meaning that just because my chest hurts doesn’t mean that is where the true pain is coming from. This is good news.

However, she doesn’t feel that she should say everything is alright if I am asking, and a personal trainer is asking. So, she ran an EKG which came back with few minor blips. She has also requested that I start taking blood pressure medicine, see a cardiologist, and possibly get a special stress test because menopausal women often show a false result.

I can keep on doing what I have been doing. So, I am hiking and climbing hills, I am using the elliptical, and I am keeping busy at home.

I take this seriously. It might be nothing, but we want to know. Just a year ago, my cousin who is two months younger than me was in the hospital for a major heart attack. This is something I don’t want to risk. I want to live, and I mean live, well into my 90s. That means to think about what I am doing and how I am doing now. I need to pay attention and start taking care of myself better.


First in 2020

Well here we are in a new decade. My first post in awhile and in 2020. I find that I go periods of inactivity and want to apologize for it. Then I try to make up for it by committing to a period of mass writing. That is not working for me at the moment, apparently.

After talking with writing friends, I have decided that I have been a bit overloaded in my life. I was taking a mental break without even being aware of it. I just checked out of my normal activities. I quit writing everything. So, now I want to get back into writing and other challenging things slowly. I want to do this right so that I can keep at it. I hope to be writing weekly as well as hiking weekly. I have started this month/year with two short hikes a week.

I have also joined a gym. The first time in about 10 years. That is right after I got my master’s degree and started working more than I had in many years. What I have come to realize about my job is that it sucks time from me when I need personal time the most. But, I am going to try the gym. However, I also signed up for a free meeting with a personal trainer and discovered that my health isn’t good enough to work with her. I have to get my doctor to approve the new level of activity.

How has it gotten so bad? A lot of sitting for work and mental tiredness that begs for food to stay awake. A tiredness that drains every desire from me. But like every spring semester, I see a light at the end of the tunnel and get excited for the summer. I plan my yard work and my trips. This includes backpacking and family travel. With that in mind, I have to work out more in order to be able to do any of this. So, I am taking back my life. I am not going to give in to my slump anymore. I am going to be proactive and think of myself.

My husband is 20 years older than me, and when we got married, I told him that he had to live at least until he was 90. I think he will make it, and that is after he has had open heart surgery. But now I think he is healthier than I am. I have to think of my health so that I can live until he is at least 90. To do this, I am going to make that dreaded appointment with my doctor and reschedule with the personal trainer. I am going to go to the gym, and I am going to hike. And, I will continue to find things to do daily that make me happy instead of just work and waste time on the computer eating my life away.

This is not a New Year’s resolution. This is something that has been coming because of the things that I always want to do in the summer. I am going to get ready before the summer is here and I have to uncomfortably push through my trips. What is your life looking like for the near future?