26) Pet Peeves: Day 62.2

My pet peeves come from stupid things people do. I hate it when people destroy things needlessly. That is graffiti, vandalism, and even personal destruction. I don’t like to see broken things around or destroyed/marked up things. I hate it when there is litter and trash scattered across the country side or even on the streets. We can keep this world clean if we cleaned up after ourselves. If our trash can gets knocked over, we can pick up everything that fell out instead of letting the wind and animals scatter it around. If we drop something, and we realize it, we can pick that thing up. We can clean our space even if our neighbors don’t. Monuments, signs, and walls are not there to be marked up or broken apart either. We can leave things nice for other people to enjoy. There is nothing enjoyable about broken things.

Thanks for letting me state my peeves. It seems that everywhere I go lately something is marring the experience because of stupid actions.


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