19) A confession: Day 56.5.2

I have been thinking and thinking and I haven’t come up with a confession for the challenge. I have very personal confessions to make, but they will never appear here.

I know that many people make a confession like a personal statement. But, I can’t come up with one of those either.

It is you get what you get. I am pretty open, so I don’t have a lot to confess.

I do make bold unsupported statements when talking with others without really thinking things through. I don’t even truly believe the statement before I make it, but it comes tumbling out of my mouth. I often have to remind myself that I only know a person or event as I have witnessed it or them. The rest is not supported. Yet, I continue to make these stupid statements. It is like my mouth has a mind of its own and it enjoys making a fool of myself.


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