16) What makes me happy?: Day 53.5.2

I feel that I am happy most of the time, but really I believe that I am content. My life hasn’t been difficult, but it hasn’t been easy either. I have found that who and what I have in my life make me happy much of the time. I wouldn’t change what I’ve gone through or how I’ve gone through it because I like who I am now.

Sometimes I do feel very happy and that is usually related to my family. When I get to spend one on one time with my kids, husband, or grandkids, I get a rush that is exciting because I can do so much for them or just talk to them for hours. I am excited for days before I see someone special.

Sitting out on my bench in my backyard makes me happy. Listening to the waterfall and birds, feeling the sun warm my skin, and knowing I have nothing that I absolutely have to do is pretty enjoyable too. I don’t get these days often, but when I do, they mean a lot to me.

Making or baking something for a loved one is quite exhilarating too. I get to plan and work on the project and imagine the reaction I am going to get. Then when the reaction comes, I experience it all over again.

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. I prefer to look at the sunny side of things and find enjoyment in everything I can. Life is a lot more pleasant that way.


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