14) My thoughts on education: Day 51.2

This is a big topic for me. I feel strongly that the right type of education is very important. However, every one requires something just a little bit different from the next making it difficult to fit the education to the student. But as a student ages, there are ways to get the student the right type of education.

First of all, not all our high school students are or should be college bound. Get and keep the career electives in high school. Quit designing the core classes solely on what colleges want. Some students won’t need statistics and calculus.

Find engaging teachers. Teachers who want to teach because of the love of teaching not just because it’s a job or because they are good in the field. This is difficult too, but getting rid of ten-year could make that difference.

Look at the issues in a particular school district, throw away the thinking box, and look for creative solutions. There are so many problems to the education system, but doing what was always done or what everyone else is doing won’t fix it. Each community is different and needs to have an approach that works for them.

These problems and others is what has prompted me to teach a research class based on an education theme. I want my students to consider problems they see in the education system or have even faced themselves, find out what others are saying or  have done, and come up with a unique solution or a call to action that has some definition to it. Hopefully, through this we will see some form of change in the future.


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