9) The Best Trip of My Life: Day 46.2

I have traveled quite a bit. Not a lot on some standards, but a fair amount. I love traveling and learning and seeing new things. Bits and pieces of each trip stand out to be the best, but I cannot think of one single trip that was absolutely the best.

I would say that I enjoy traveling with my children the most. One trip that we had a lot of fun was when I had to go to Victoria, Canada, for a conference. I flew over a few days before them and had an okay time. But at the end of the conference, my kids flew up to their sister’s place, and together they drove to Seattle and took a ferry to the island and picked me up. We had a great few days there.

We were able to do some sightseeing and touristy things. We walked around the old town and checked it out and went shopping. We took a horse and buggy ride through the city. Our hotel was old, but nice and within walking distance of most of the sights.

The next day, we went to the Butchart Gardens and spent all day walking around and looking over the grand place. There was so much to see. Everything was strategically placed to be beautiful any time of year. My favorite part of these gardens was the old quarry that had parts of it built into the design. I will definitely go back.

Before boarding the ferry that would take us to the mainland, we spent the morning on a horseback ride through the forest. My horse was a pig. It reached out and ate anything and everything possible. I couldn’t keep my legs wrapped around the horse the entire time because of my knee problems, so I spent a good portion with my feet out of the stirrups. It was quite nice.

We ended the trip taking a ferry over to Vancouver and drove back to Portland.  We had a lot of laughs and nice times together. My kids are the best traveling companions, and hopefully, even though they have moved out, we will continue to travel together.

Thinking about it, I am surprised that our trip to Hawaii didn’t stand out as much. We had a grand time there too. But their father, my husband, isn’t always fun to travel with.


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