8) Five Current Goals: Day 45.2

I have had and have many goals for my life. Each goal changes as I change and grow. Different experiences also affect the goals. But I have always wanted a happy home where I could be with my kids as they needed me. That I got. Now I have become accustomed to working little and doing much, I couldn’t imagine any other way.

But just because I have met those specific goals doesn’t mean that I don’t have others. I think that we always need something to work towards – goals.

Currently my goals are to keep hiking larger trails, completing the PCT, hiking the Camino de Santiago with my daughter, hiking along Hadrian’s Wall with my son, and rafting the Grand Canyon. Those are my fun goals. I have a goal of finishing my novel, becoming an editor, opening a coffee shop/book store, and being able to work from anywhere. For my family life, I want to continue developing my food producing yards, preserve more foods to reduce our purchases, get my winter garden going in my greenhouse, and finishing the many projects in my craft room. And I have goals for my house as well – replacing the popcorn ceiling, painting my bedroom, upgrade the flooring, and put in a new range.

This is a lot to accomplish, but as my dad always says, “As long as I have projects, I can’t die.” And he is still around. So, replace projects with goals, and it works for me.


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