7) My 5 Favorite Songs: Day 44.2

At first I thought that this post was going to be hard because I couldn’t think of any songs. I didn’t think I favor any particular one; instead, I enjoy what I am listening to at the moment. But when I started coming up with titles, I discovered that I like quite a few and will sing to them when they are on. I enjoy a range of music. I can listen to my parents favorites, silly songs like “Sneaky Snake,” many of the 80s songs, but also my children’s music.

So, the one’s that made my list:

Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers

Every Rose Has a Thorn by Poison

Country Roads by John Denver

Hate Me by Blue October

Sound of Silence by Disturbed

I Need You Now by Alias

It’s more than five, but it shows the range of music. I love songs that tell a story that I can relate to, but so does most everybody else.


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