5) My Proudest Moment: Day 42.2

I could tell you a handful of interesting bragging type of tales that would show some of my proud moments. In fact, I would have at one time. I could tell you that I was proudest bringing my children into the world. But, I’m not going to do either of these things. My proudest moment wasn’t a moment; instead it was a compilation of many.

To boil it down, my proudest moments were when I realized how great all five of the children I helped raise turned into caring responsible adults. When one had a savings account with money in it, but this child could never save before. Or, when one shows compassion to a stranger. The loving children they are now raising is pretty good proof. There are many little instances that make me proud.

Parents often worry about their children being in public because of the way the children act at home or in a parent’s presence. But, when people praise the children we know that they aren’t horrible human beings who are going to be broke or in trouble. I worried like these other parents, so the times when I see that they are doing well, I am proud. When I can brag about what my children are up to, my heart warms. When I can talk to them on a lengthy phone conversation in an adult manner, I know that I did something right.  These are my proudest moments.


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