4) My Dream Job: Day 41.2

If I could do any job I wanted to, it would be a tossup between hiking and blogging or editing/proofreading.

I absolutely love hiking and sharing about my trips. My cousin and I have a great time twisting stories and adding some dry humor when we can to both the hike and the writing. I feel I am my truest self when I am out in nature. When I hike, I also think of things to write. My best topics come from those trips.

I also love to teach, but my most favorite part of that is working one on one with the students or collaborating with others on their projects. I love when someone gets inspired from our discussions. It is how I get inspired when my story starts to dry up too. But, another side of teaching is the grading. I don’t necessarily enjoy giving arbitrary grades to students who may or may not deserve the grade, but I do love learning new things all the time. With each paper is a new learning experience for me. Editing or proofreading would give me that type of opportunity.


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