3) My favorite quote: Day 40.2

“If gold rusts, what shall iron do?” Chaucer

I was writing a paper on ethics in law when I stumbled upon this quote. It makes so much sense to me especially when bringing the next sentence in: “For if a priest be foul in whom we trust, no wonder that a common man should rust” (Chaucer).

For when something held in such a high place of society goes foul, then what can we expect of lesser valued things. This goes for people too. If we have someone in high standing do something wrong, they are showing the rest of society that there are double standards and that the proper behavior isn’t valued as much.

Often politicians, actors, athletes, do something that is against the law or frowned upon. Then the kids and some of the younger adults think or say that so and so did this so it is okay. This doesn’t always get voiced, but that is what the actions are saying.

If we want better actions from society, we need better role models.


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