1) Explain my blog’s name: Day 38.2

Gettingthere.live – my blog started out as a way for me to discuss getting  to a dream and getting healthy. So, I played around with names, and one day, the “getting there” came to me.

When I finally decided that I was actually going to do this and I was going to set up a Word Press account, that name was already taken. I could accept one with the same name and some random numbers, choose another name and hope it was original, or I could pay some money for my own domain. I clicked on the button to see what the domain would come up with. When dot live showed up, I thought that it was perfect. Getting there live was exactly the right idea. I want to live my life not just survive. So I took the domain name and ran with it. I haven’t regretted it since.

I am getting healthier, albeit slowly, as time progresses. And, I am getting closer to my goals plus adding more. I feel more alive each year and more excited for what is to come. I am living my life every day. So I am getting there live.


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