Challenges and Rollers: Days 36 and 37.2

Tomorrow I am going to set off on a new challenge. I have been thinking about it for a little while and decided that my blog would benefit from it. It will in fact give me topics to write on. The challenge is to write on specific topics daily for 30 days.

The first 5 are to explain the blog’s name, give 20 facts about myself (that may be difficult), provide my favorite quote, detail my favorite job, and describe my proudest moment. Days 6 through 10 are to tell what I am afraid of, list five favorite songs, give 5 current goals, describe the best trip of my life, and list ten favorite foods. Eleven through fifteen have me discussing a favorite childhood book, listing three healthy habits (I assume ones I have), think about where I will be in 5 years, give my thought on education (a favorite topic of mine), and talk about a favorite movie. Sixteen to twenty are about what makes me happy, sad, what I would do if I won the lottery, a confession, and my earliest childhood memory. Twenty-one through twenty-five are about guilty pleasures, 3 personality traits I’m proud of, piercings and tattoos, my first Hollywood crush, and my spirit animal. Then I will end with pet peeves, a difficult time in my life, top things on my bucket list, things that make me feel better, and my hopes for my blog are 26 through 30.

I am both looking forward to these topics and regretting them. Some will be difficult for me while others will take up pages of writing.


The other day, I finally purchased a roller massager. It was on the suggestion of my physical therapist. While it will never be as good as the power massager and her strong hands, it will help. I am using it daily to get me through the time that she is gone.  At first it hurt a little just as the power massager did, but I quickly got used to it or my muscles loosened up.

I would like to go to the masseuse, but I haven’t taken the time to call her yet.  I know of one who can do the deep therapeutic massages. However, next Thursday my PT will be back, and I’ll on the mend again.


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