Accidents Happen: Day 35.2

There was a big accident that ended in a semi burning to the ground near my house. This accident killed one, seriously injured one, and one walked away. When we look at this we can easily see the effects on those three people; we can even safely assume the immediate effects on the families of these people. But we don’t think about the thousands who have been affected in some manner.

We talked about this in our writer’s group tonight. We thought that it would make a different type of story to take a chapter to show the affect on an individual who was touched by something like this – one chapter, one individual. So the entire book would have several short stories of multiple people’s lives in either that day, or even in a larger time period.

I think that If I Stay worked on this in a smaller scale. The author looked at the life of one character who lived after a horrific accident and how that changed so many things about that person.  I think that it would be interesting to take this type of story on. But, it is not my project to pick up. It could be a fun group project for each of us to write about a single character, or it could be someone else’s project.  I’m just mulling it over and putting it out there.


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