It’s Just Boredom: Day 34.2

At night when no one else is around, I find myself making many passes through the kitchen stopping for something that will fill an unknown desire or satisfy a mood. I used to think it was loneliness. Being home alone isn’t always easy, but I can entertain myself fairly well. I also get grumpy or anxious if we string too many nights together where I am not alone. So it must be something else driving my food patrol.

I watched a program today that was talking about dopamine fasting. It is where anything that raises our excitement/happiness levels can over stimulate our brains, so people are starting to find ways to help stop or slow the dopamine for a rest. Blue screens, games, good books, sugars, etc all adds to the dopamine levels. Where we are busy and involved in many different things these days, our dopamine levels are always spiking. So when we have down time we don’t know how to deal with it and we search our more. Some people do this by going onto social media, others take risks, and I find that I am eating. If I am on the computer or doing something active, I don’t need to keep going back to the kitchen. But, if I am watching TV or find myself at a loss of what to do, I am in the kitchen stuffing myself all night long. I am looking for the next dopamine hit.

It is boredom that is driving me to the food. A little training and I can deal with the emotion or I can learn to entertain myself in a better manner.


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