Exercise Design: Day 33.2

In physical therapy, there is a machine that has two moving platforms and a solid one with a ladder back to hold on to. This machine can be used in many ways, but I use it with one foot on the solid and one on a moving piece. I stand so that I can slide the piece to my side making me do standing splits (sort of).  I do this for each side. For another move, I stand facing the back with one foot on the solid piece and one on the moving to slide my leg back putting me into a lunge.  I really like this machine because coming back to standing is not difficult keeping me from putting too much strain on my knees. These exercises help to stretch my thighs and calves as well as strengthen my thighs and hips. It is the machine I miss the most when I don’t go to physical therapy.

Right now, I won’t be going for two and a half weeks. I have asked a couple of times if there is a way to improvise. Each time, I am told no. Once I went in and asked if I could use a towel on my kitchen floor to imitate the moving piece. I was told that it was not recommended. Remembering a piece of exercise equipment that was sold on TV at one time, I set out to try the towel anyway. The TV equipment was a flexible piece that a person stood on with booties over their feet. It allowed the person to slide back and forth. Though the towel wouldn’t be the same as that either.

As the PT said, it was more difficult because the bands on the machine weren’t there to help me stand back up. I did hold onto the sink, but that limited my movement to a point. I was doing more of a side lunge instead of the splits. However, it was something. Doing the back lunges worked with a little extra effort. I liked the feel of this even though it wasn’t the same. I will do it again, only going to ten instead of the 20 I am usually required to do at physical therapy. I think it will help strengthen my legs and maybe help with the stiff movements I have in my knees. I do look forward to going back to use the machine again soon.


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