Free Day: Day 28.2

I have a free day, actually 2.5 weeks, from physical therapy. I don’t have to drive an hour away, and I don’t have to have my calves beaten on by a massage gun. But, that doesn’t mean that I have the time off. If I want recovery from the neuroma or any of the other things causing my body pain, I have to be sure that I do my work.

As for the physical therapy, I have been doing all the ones at home where I have the equipment, but there are machines I cannot afford on my own. So I must go in to use the equipment and let the PT massage my claves. Without the PT, I have to find other methods. Today I am using a foam roller to massage my calves and I will do my own feet. I can still stretch them too.

I am going to try to imitate one of the machines later this week.

It turned out to be a good thing that I have this time off. A light touch of the flue has me down. I have little energy after I get home from work. I can do a little bit of physical therapy and rest from there.

I’ll have to report next week how the improvising is going.


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