Seated Elliptical: Day 24.2

At physical therapy today, I was put on a seated elliptical machine for a warm up. I have seen them being used in the past but have never been on one before. They are interesting machines. My time on the machine went by quickly, and I could have gone longer. There are several things to look at with this machine.

It is a person powered machine. I have to step/peddle in order for the computer to work. This is really cool for me. I like not having things plugged in all the time. I was hesitant while my assistant was setting the computer because I didn’t want the handles to hit his arm, but he knew how to stay out of the way. While working out on it, I thought of how cool it would be if I could power my TV or radio with it. It might be an incentive to work out more.

Both the arms and the feet work the machine. It is much like the standing version, but has a nice broad seat like the incumbent exercise bikes. While I did enjoy using the machine, I felt like I was missing out on the experience. What I liked about standard elliptical is that it mimics the movements for running. But this machine does not. My legs worked more like they were on a stepping machine. Just back and forth, not in an elliptical/oval motion. The design kept me from getting quite as tired, thus being able to go longer. A setback, though, was that with my body shape, my belly was in the way. However, it did encourage me to suck my gut in.

I wouldn’t go out and buy this machine, but I would use it in places it was available.


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