Counting: Day 21.2.5

Like my writing, I can’t seem to be consistent. I think that I should have titled this for day 22, but I got mixed up. The first number in my title is to be for the day of the challenge. The point two is to represent that I am doing this for the second time; indicating that this is the better version as they don with technology upgrades. However, I don’t feel that this is an improved result of the challenge.

The first time I took the 100 day challenge I had to prove to myself that I could sustain a challenge. I liked that it was ending the year on a positive note instead of setting myself up for failure with a resolution, a set of impossible ideals, I wanted to start on January first. It worked for me too, but this time, I have already done it; I don’t have to prove anything to myself. The challenge has no astronomic value to me.

With this loss of value, I don’t give my all to the challenge. I do make good choices and am learning much about myself through analyzing the choices. Writing is still happening often, and I am exercising more than I was, but I am inconsistent. I went to bed last night not once thinking, “Wait, I have to write before I fall asleep.” Instead, at work today, “Oh! I didn’t write yesterday.”

This is why I am numbering with the final point five on many of the posts. Indicating through the numbering system that they have been written partially through the second day and that a second post should also come that same day.

One good thing has come of this; I don’t feel guilty about my exercise or lack thereof. I exercise with enthusiasm when I have the energy and time. I enjoy moving my body because I want to not because I have to.


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