Fall Means: Day 20.2.5

Fall means hot drinks and fuzzy blankets. Getting up in the dark. Pumpkin spice everything, Apples, fall means apples, and squash. Chili and macaroni and cheese too. All the comforts we dream of the rest of the year represents fall in such a yummy way.

But when I’m building a yard with a vegetable garden and an orchard, fall means more. It means harvesting and preserving. Apple sauce, dried fruit, spaghetti sauce, and so many other things. I’ve made enough zucchini bread for the year and still have zucchini to decide what will be next. I’m dehydrating ranch zucchini chips for my granddaughter. I have decided to make apple pie and apple sauce, so I will dehydrate apple peelings for snacking.

But, fall also means cleaning the garden, moving manure and grass clippings to trees, hauling dead plants. It means separating flowers. Laying out new flower beds. Hauling rocks.

In reality, fall at 49 means chronic back pain. Pain that gets me up out of bed before I feel ready. Pain that keeps me from completing a task. And pain that tells me when I’ve been standing too long.

This is pain I’ve delt with for many years, but each fall I can do less and the pain is more. So now, fall means heating pads and ice packs. Hot baths and showers. Pain means stretching and pain meds. It means seeing the chiropractor and physical therapist more. But, I won’t let it stop me altogether. I need to move to get my mind off it. So, I find other things to do as well.


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