Rattle Snake on Saturday: Day 19.2.5

My hike wasn’t usual for me today. I had no real plan when I went out to hike. I just knew that it was going to be more than a mile. I had my light hiking shoes on and a pair of pants that tend to slip down. I was in no way prepared for a true hike.

I decided to go to Rattlesnake because it is right by the grocery store. Pulling up to the hill I am buzzed by a low flying plane approaching the local runway. Though I spend time at the runway, this is the first that I get buzzed. It was a cute two seater red over white high wing airplane.

As I hike, the plane continues to make many approaches to the runway. There are high passes, low passes, and actual touchdown passes. The pilot was working the pattern practicing the different approaches to our airport. This is a great thing for them to do.

I get to enjoy watching and listening to them. There is something about the grace and hum of aircraft as they are working about the pattern. It is majestic and peaceful at the same time. It helps lift my mood.

Also to note, there was no one on the trails today. No bikes, side-by-sides, or hikers about. No volunteers walking the dogs from the dog pound.  The peacefulness maxed out.

I took a different path too. I hiked the loop trail going clockwise picking it up on the backside of the mountain. I knew that I didn’t have a lot of time, so I hiked out a mile and when I saw a dirt road along the airport, I took it back to my car. This is an area I usually don’t hike.

Very serene and enjoyable hike today.


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