Exercise: Day 18.2

I have had to re-think my exercise plan the last few days. I haven’t done anything I had planned on since the third or fourth day. I was going to really exercise this time instead of a few minutes with the hula hoop and a set of arm or leg exercise and ten minutes on the elliptical. But every day I leave work, I am ready for a nap and then the rest of the day seems to disappear. Last year, any movement beyond the desk counted. But this year, I wanted more from myself. I have been really feeling the guilt, but my intuitive eating program tells me not to let guilt of this level get to me. I should re-evaluate and move on. I want to exercise, but my sleep habits are really wrecking with me. I tend to go to bed at 1 or 2am and get up at 5:30am two days a week and 7:30 two days a week. I feel better on the days I get up later, obviously, but work impedes sleeping longer the two days. And on those days I do get to sleep longer, I have to go to physical therapy and drive an extra hour a day.  I have tried going to bed earlier, but I feel wide awake when I lay down. I have been taking naps. I feel much better. However, that gets in the way of me going to bed earlier. So, I spend my days after work, eating, playing on the computer, or walking around in a fog. Every day I tell myself that I will hike, and that is just a lie. On really good days, I do hike. To rethink the exercising, I have taken two days off completely. I felt guilty the first; today wasn’t too bad. I am going to shoot for hiking two days a week for now. If that works out, I will add an extra day later on.


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