Bad Day: Day 12.2

I’m barely into this challenge, and I’m struggling. I have hit a low today; I didn’t write while I was fresh and had something in mind, I haven’t exercised yet, and I have eaten almost nonstop since I got home this afternoon. It is 10:47, and I have to squeeze everything in.

Why? There are many possibilities, but the truth is I don’t know. I could claim I’m too tired and that is why I have done absolutely nothing besides visit my parents. It could be because I have had a string of not so good things happening and I am feeding into the low. Or, maybe, and more likely, I didn’t have a solid plan today and a body at rest stays at rest.

Whatever it is, I’m paying for it in many ways. How am I going to fix or change this? I am going to look to the positive. Get more rest and drink more water. But I am going to start planning a bit ahead and be proactive in my activities. I love doing all the things I chose to work on in the challenge, but the spark is dim right now.

My motivation comes from feeling good about myself, making small changes, and having a fun goal at the end. No more self sabotaging. It is time to treat myself well.


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