Be Kind to Your Back: Day 10.2

I should have known better. It was just for a minute or two to get from the class to my office. But, as always, something happened, and it took 20 minutes. Something that seemed harmless in my younger years is almost debilitating now.

As I packed up my supplies at the end of class, I slung my backpack over one shoulder, grabbed up my what didn’t go in the bag, and headed out the door. On my way out the door, I had a student ask a question, then another, then the TA. Twenty minutes later, I’m still standing there loaded down. My shoulder and neck begin to ache.

When I finally get to my office and put everything down, my entire arm is aching. Later my fingers go numb. It’s a good thing I had an appointment with my chiropractor; it doesn’t appear that this will go away on its own.

It’s kind of crazy that I can carry a 33 pound backpack for several days without this type of problem, but a 15 pound book bag throws everything for a loop and knocks me out. In reality though, it is not the weight of the bag but how I was carrying it and the construction of the bag.

The chiropractor was able to adjust my neck and back to relieve some pain and discomfort. However, it will take a day or two for everything to feel back to normal. Whatever that is.

Lesson learned: it doesn’t matter how long I think it will be, I need to wear the backpack correctly. I need to be kind to my back so I can continue to be active.


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