The Lost Coast Part 1: Day 6.2.5

This summer Damazon and I were supposed to try the Tahoe Rim Trail again, but with all the snow and how long it took to melt, we knew that we would have to go somewhere else if we were to backpack. In fact, we haven’t been to Tahoe at all this year. However I digress; we decided that going to the Lost Coast would be good for us. It is 25 miles and mostly flat; something we could finish. It is considered more difficult than moderate though because of the sand and rock hiking, and it was. On top of that, there were three places that had to be planned because of high tide closing off the area.

We studied tide charts and maps. We hiked in sand and soft dirt. We planned. I bought a second knee brace since it was noted as being hard on knees, and I already have problems. I worked on lightening my pack and changed my water system. I got my feet prepared as best as I could and ended up buying my hiking shoes the day before we left for the trail.

I flew to Sacramento where we met and drove together to Manchester, CA. After a night there, we drove up to Shelter Cove to find where the shuttle would pick us up and found a place to camp. There are a couple of free campgrounds in the forestry area, but they are away from the pickup place quite a way. The parking lot had a no camping policy, too. So we ended up paying a $35 fee for a space at Shelter Cove. At least it had a shower and was just a couple miles from the lot.  Bed time came early as we had to leave at 5am the next morning. But in the twilight we played games and walked about a bit. Excitement kept me up into the night.


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