A Slacker Day: Day 6.2.5

I worked all day in my kitchen cleaning and roasting tomatoes, making two types of tomato sauce, and prepping veggies for the week. Exhaustion and hunger hit me at the same time. I was done for the day. After discussing meal options with my husband, we decided to go out to eat. It didn’t matter that we had been smelling wondrous tomato sauces all day; I was done in the kitchen.

However, with my husband, going to town for dinner turns into an all night event. We ate, talked to friends, got a movie, put fuel in my car, and washed my windows. At home, we visited with the cats and put in Aladdin. It was a cute movie, but we had to pause it occasionally to let a cat in or out. By the time the movie was over it was past midnight. I hadn’t done a specific exercise or written in the blog.

This could spell catastrophe for other challenges. For some reason, when I do this one, I pick up the next day, do a little double duty and move on. For me, it isn’t the perfection; it’s that I do my best to stay as true to the challenge as I can. I don’t give up and quit when something like this happens. I muster up and carry on.

Reflecting on the day, I did exercise by moving all day in the kitchen, sitting little. I made a healthy choice by honoring my hunger and eating well but not too much. And today I am catching up on the writing. I just slacked off on the writing department for a day.


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