Surprise in Hazen: Day 5.2

This spring hiking in Hazen, the wind blew more than I usually like to hike in. But, I was there, so I might as well hike. The wind would be a good test of how I was trying to protect my ears. I knew that I would be hiking on the coast and in the wind. Usually the wind troubles my ears. So I was wearing my buff as an ear muff but it might be hot too. I didn’t’ want that either.

I was completely in my groove. I hiked up over the hill and around on the saddle for a bit. Then I started down a little used trail that was overgrown with low brush. The trail took a slight dip. As I was stepping over, I heard a buzzing. I thought that it was just a bee like bug. Looking down, I see a whitish dime sized thing swaying around. A seed pod? Too early in the year. Moving on, the realization that it was too windy for a buzzing flying bug to be out and about hit me. My stomach dropped. That wasn’t a seed pod swaying either. That was a rattlesnake bud waving at me.

Luck and fear hit me. This is the second time I have seen my least favorite critter on this saddle. The first time was a tarantula and now a rattlesnake.  This surprise, unfortunately, has lead me to change my hiking routine. I wasn’t’ willing to have another encounter with a snake, especially not when I was alone.


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