Making Healthy Choices: Day3.2

Someone might ask: how I am going to make sure that I make healthy choices? It is after all a part of my challenge. And that is a great question. I asked myself that when I wrote the challenge and again last night talking to a group of ladies. It is unquantifiable and ambiguous. How am I going to be able to mark that off the list daily?

Though I thought about changing it or taking it off, I decided that making healthy choices was going to stay. It isn’t about the actual choice that I make daily but that at some point I do make a good choice and recognize it. I have spent about 20 years yoyo dieting and telling myself how bad I am eating and what poor choices I am making so often that I believed the statements.

Now I want to recognize the positive. As it is said, positive thought will bring positive change. I am not a bad person; the food is not bad and neither are my actions. It is time to recognize that I can do good and that I have positive moments.

This is in a way similar to a gratitude list. This challenge is about noticing the good and bringing out the healthy. As I decided to quit dieting, I have also come to realize I need to stop the negative talk.

Daily, I am going to write down a positive choice that I made during the day. Periodically, I will compile them and share those choices here just as I will check in on the exercise progress I am making. This is my way of keeping myself honest about my challenge.


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