100 Day Challenge Again: Day 1.2

Hello everyone. I haven’t been doing well with the writing; it seems that there are so many other things to grab my attention. A couple of times this summer I did write a post, but I never edited and put it up. So, sorry for my lack of consistency. However, I had fun doing the 100 day challenge last year and have decided to do it again this year. I felt so accomplished and energized when I reached the last day of the challenge.  The only challenge I have ever finished. I am going to repeat last year’s challenge of blogging and exercising every day, and I am going to add making healthy choices every day. At first, I was going to give up sugar, but with birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays coming, that was going to be a huge challenge. So I modified it to making healthy choices. I can eat sugar but not as much. I can ask myself if I really want the food item and what do I really want out of it? What will make me healthy and able to hike the way I want to is also a good question to consider in moments of weak willpower.

Last year, I met with a dietician who suggested that I read Intuitive Eating. She even went so far as to suggest that once I worked through it, we could put on a workshop together for the community college. I got that book and workbook, but the progress was slow with me skipping months between readings. After a frank conversation with my doctor, I bought the book on CD to listen to in my car.  I often drive 30 minutes to work or an hour to get to physical therapy appointments, so there is a lot of time to get so intense listening in.

So, this is my challenge this year – exercise every day, make healthy choices daily and blog for 100 days.


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