Learning to be Kind to Myself

I have had the injections in my feet again, and I came down with a cold in a few days afterward. I had a weekend of rest built into my schedule, but when I got sick, I had to take even more days off. I tend to get sever bronchitis when I get a cold and don’t take care of myself and I really want the injections to work, so I have been going slowly with everything. The thing is I hate going back to my slothful ways. I want to be active, and I want to be out hiking.

This week has been about staying off my feet when I can and resting when my body demands it (quite often). I have used the time reading blogs and watching videos about time management, health, and mindfulness. This has helped me take the time for enriching my mind while giving my body time to heal that I usually avoid. It has not been easy to change my actions, but I have gleaned some new knowledge. Along the way, I have learned that I really do need the rest time. While I am at the computer, I realize that I am leaning on the desk more heavily or that I am eating when I am not hungry. These are great signs to go take a little nap or a hot bath. By making these caring choices, the cold did not worsen and is shorter than usual.

In addition to this, I have been making sure that I am drinking more liquids and that I am drinking more healing liquids. I usually stick to water – it is nature’s gold. But I get to points in the day where I don’t want to drink water and either don’t drink (I eat instead) or drink sugary substances. With wanting to heal, I opted for lemon ginger honey tea that I brewed myself. It was quite tasty.  I loved the tart sweetness of the lemon and honey together, but I really enjoyed the tangy bite of the fresh ginger. This is a tea I am going to brew more often. It is good for so many things, and it helps me be more willing to drink my fluids.

I have learned that through being kind to myself I am happier doing the things that I usually want to put off. It is not easy taking a break or to rearrange my schedule to allow for healing, but it is worth it. I will have to practice this mindfulness mindset, but it will get easier as time goes on.


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