I need to pee. Now.

Out on the trail today, I was seized by nature. Not the beauty of the trail or the ugliness of the garbage, but that of a more personal nature.

I’m older and have had two children. (I think you may see where I’m going.) My bladder isn’t what it used to be. Often when hiking, I have to find a place to pee.  But, I have been put on a diuretic, and at times, the urgency is great. It can stop me and force me to search for a place to relieve myself.

Today, though, I was on a hike in a very busy area with only low brush and below hip height rocks. I was following a trail on a point with roads coming to a fork surrounding it. They are fairly busy roads, and I needed to pee. Now. I kept walking hoping I could make it to my car and the nearest store. But as I hiked, I was thinking about it, and the urgency increased to the point where I knew I had to find a solution immediately or be hiking in wet pants. I thought that maybe I should be carrying my GoGirl, but I have to drop my pants with it too.  I had to stop walking for a moment to let a spasm pass, but I did spy a rock wide and tall enough to hide the fact that I was dropping my drawers.

This incident made me wonder what other women do in this situation. Do you have a trick? I thought about wearing a pee pad but on longer hikes, they chafe. So what is a better solution? I am going to petition for the county to put a port-a-potty at this particular trailhead, but that is not necessarily the help needed. Today, I was too far from the trailhead to have made it.


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