Great Plans

Great plans seem to fall through at times. I have a good intention to exercise and write daily, and I even got a good start on it by doing the 100 day challenge. It seems, though, that without the challenge, my plans fall through.

I have exercised more than three times during the last nine days and most of it hiking, but when it gets dark our and I have been stuck inside working, I let the exercise slip. The same goes for writing, if I don’t get an early start on my writing, I can be side tracked by the computer.

With all this said, I have written or exercised every day except yesterday when I did neither.

I am going to change that. I am going to be strong and exercise and write regularly. I need both in my life. Writing is entertaining, enlightening, and fulfilling. Exercising energizes me, helps my blood pressure and sugar, relieves stress, and helps me be fit. It also is how I am going to finish the Tahoe Rim Trail this year. If I don’t do these things daily, I won’t be able to meet a goal again. I don’t like that feeling. I really must keep after meeting the daily goals to reach the big ones.


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