New Plans: Day 99

Just one more day and I can wrap up this 100 day challenge. I have been feeling very good about how I handled the challenge and want to continue the good habits.

I won’t be writing in my blog every day, but I do want to write every day. I used to journal every day, but that becomes the redundant and oftentimes looking at my feelings. I don’t get into the writing as I do with a blog or if I were to be writing to a prompt a day. So how will I fill my writing time? I plan on writing the blog once a week. Both my son and daughter have given me a book of prompts with leather journals, so I plan to write to a prompt each once a week as well in the journals. That is three days. To fill up the other four days, I will work on creative writing, journaling, and writing on my two research projects. That is a lot of writing I have been putting off for a while.

The exercising will be walking at least 30 minutes a day six days a week and one day of yoga. I will also go back to doing my physical therapy daily and add in some weights as I can. On those nasty days where I don’t want to go outside, I will use my elliptical. I also need to hike at least half a day one day a week. That will keep me in training. As a backup, when I fall back to the thought process of not having enough time to exercise, I will break it up using my elliptical between projects.

I have spent a lot of time away from the TV with this challenge. I would like to keep with that. I am going to get myself a crochet hook and teach myself to crochet something for one of my kids or grandkids. I also have a list of projects that I could be working on instead of sitting in front of the TV or even playing games on the computer.

This 100 day challenge has me in a good place. I feel that I can complete other challenges, but before I jump into another one, I am going to spend a month making sure that I continue with the good habits I have built. I will definitely do another 100 day challenge next year though.


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