Benefits of the Challenge: Day 100!

I made it through 100 blog posts. I have written nearly every day. The days after the ones I missed I made sure to write two posts to be as accurate as possible. I have not skipped more than one day at a time. When I traveled, I wrote in my journal to be typed up and posted later.

As far as the exercising part, I was more active than I had been the previous months except while backpacking. I doubled my daily steps, hiked, used the treadmill, did yoga, stretched, climbed stairs, and just found ways to move this old body. It is not what I had thought I would do, but it did keep to what I said I would do – to exercise every day.

Doing this for 100 days has given me some benefits.  I didn’t lose weight with the exercising (not paying attention to my food). I did learn to not obsess over the food, except for the food restrictions, which lead me to give up dieting. I have learned that I can write more critically than I had with my journaling.  I feel good about my writing and have received good reviews from people I have never met before. I gained followers which I didn’t expect but greatly appreciate. I have a new dedication to my work. I am more conscious of what I need to be doing for my training, and I have learned new things through the research or even just the new videos I’ve watched.  I am more confident and excited about the future backpacking trips as well as my writing.

This challenge has also helped me end the year on a good note. I have tried New Year’s resolutions in the past that don’t last longer than January sometime February. So instead of looking back at the failure of the resolution, I get to look forward to the positive that completing the challenge has given me. I know that I can do future challenges and 100 days is really not that long for one.

Here’s to the New Year and to the completed challenge.


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