Days 91-96

Patience and Exercise: Day 91

This has been a long day showing me about the value of patience and exercise. I have little patience when I don’t understand someone’s intentions, yet I demand patience when the tables are turned. Things should be fair; if I want patience, I need to give it.

Today, I had problems because I was shown impatience when I was being impatient. This is actually when I realized how I have been behaving. I have worked at being more forgiving since then. I also realized that if I had exercised this morning, I would have been in a better place in my mind. Exercise is good for a better sense of mind and it helps s me be a better person. This is because of the meditation aspect of the practice as well as the dopamine part. The dopamine tells us that everything is aright and we don’t need to stress over everything.

If I were to exercise every morning like I often do and walk every day like I would like, I would be a much calmer person.  I would also be well on my way in training as I should be. My trainer friend suggested to start with walking every day. Then we will add in weights and other goals. I am gone from home right now, so I will do my best. But when I get home, it is on.

Watching Movies: Day 92

Today was a lying around day watching movies. I have often wished I could spend a day or weekend watching movies and not having a lot to do. It looks so luxurious and nice.

Today I had that and my back has been hurting all day. I have been uncomfortable and drowsy too. I enjoyed the movies, but I hurt from it. At one point I had to tell my son it was time to walk his mother.

It was a really nice walk. We took a trail near his apartment that lead into a river trail. The trail was fairly level and paved, but I didn’t have my walking or hiking shoes, so it was preferable to have a good trail. We talked a lot and even dreamed of kayaking on the river.

At first it was very warm. I worked up a sweat in my jacket. Then the rain started. The rain was mostly pleasant because it was light. The jacket was necessary then because of the wetness. Our hair was soaked by the time we got back. I was cold for the rest of the day. But the walk did wonders. I worked out the kinks and felt alive. We walked 2.71 miles and most of it was along the river. I was even thinking about walking there in the summer when I try to come up again.

Christmas Eve!: Day 93

It is a day of getting last minute things together and spending time with family if possible. We got to do both.

For my exercise today, I ran the gauntlet with my step-daughter braving the stores looking for the last minute things she needed for tomorrow. It was very focused and fast – thus exercise. But we made it in and out of the store without too many things off the list. We weren’t detained by crazy quests to find that one item to be buried deep in the shelves or the back. It was a successful trip.

We also had time with my son and daughter -in-law in the morning and then with my step-daughter and daughter-in-law in the evening. The visiting was sweet and we look to future visits, but they are also relaxing  and help prepare me for tomorrow.

Christmas: Day 94

It is wonderful spending Christmas with family. Especially a relaxing or unrushed Christmas.

We got up at our own pace and just worked through the day. We had some laughs and played games. We visited and we had fun.

It was surprising how mellow the day was considering my grandson is almost 9. It could have been very chaotic and loud, but he kept mellow, and we had a great stress free day.

Remembered Hobbies: Day 95

For Christmas, I gave my grandson my kids’ first bow. In doing so, I planned on taking him to an archery range. I wasn’t too excited with my planning because I was thinking teaching. Then I learned I could rent a left hand bow. After that, the excitement built.

When my kids were in grade school, I used archery as an incentive to get school work done. My son did well and loved going. We went to many shoots and brought home a handful of trophies. The more I watched, the more I got interested, and soon, I was shooting too. I didn’t’ own a bow and am definitely a left handed shooter, so I didn’t shoot as much as I would have liked. But, eventually, I got certified to teach for 4-H. I loved teaching. When my kids left grade school, the archery club disbanded and even though my son shot on occasion and I taught his friends and nieces, I didn’t shoot again.

Today was the first time I shot since then. The feeling of going into the range was one of apprehension. I knew I would be able to teach, but I wasn’t sure if I could follow through on carrying the instructions out. Some things were a little rusty and I had to think about them, but we had a great time and I shot well. My aim was all over the place, but I was able to sink 6 bulls’ eyes in the hour. My grandson shot mostly on the target. He had good stance until he got tired.

The feeling of drawing the string was unimaginable. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I just fell into the grove of thinking each portion out. Now I am planning some shooting days with my grandson when he comes to visit. I also want to get myself an inexpensive recurve, so I can take up shooting again. I might have to check into some local shoots or even ranges for a little competition and guidance. This can become another expensive hobby, so I will have to be careful with that. But the shoots would definitely get me out hiking about. Maybe the NV Grange would want to do some archery sessions. Hobbies are so rewarding when the right one is found.

Allergies: Day 96

I got into something or ate something that I am allergic to.  Monday and Tuesday, I noticed that my face was breaking out more than normal. Then Wednesday, my neck started itching.  But today, my chin and lips were covered in tiny bumps that itched and burned. Toward the evening the bumps started to move up my cheeks and near my eyes.

I have no idea what caused this. As I think back, I don’t think I ate anything that I don’t eat at home.  I have encountered many different soaps and fabrics cleaned differently than I do.  I have also been in two different states since leaving home. My allergies in the past have always been environmental. But, I have been to these locations before and have not broken out like I am.

This is miserable. I cannot remember the last time I had a break out and reaction like this. It is a good thing that we are traveling and will see very few people. They might think I have something contagious.


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