Checking In – Almost There: Day 98

I only have two more days left to the challenge, so I thought that today would be another good day to check in on my progress.

I did very well on our trip. I didn’t eat snacks most days and didn’t feel hungry either. I walked most days and had a lot of stairs to climb. When I got home, I had lost 8 pounds. I didn’t try; it just happened that way.

I wish that I could stay in that frame of mind at home. I did fine yesterday, not eating too much, but I did eat more than on our trip. Today was the worst. I ate all day long. I was never really hungry, just needed something in my mouth. I am still learning to honor my body, but I think that the messages it was sending were misfiring.

I have walked much more in the last few weeks too. Today, while baking a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, I got on the treadmill for 10 minutes at a time totaling 60 minutes. That sure helped to pass the time while I was waiting for my cookies to bake and it helped me see how easy it is to fit an hour of walking into my day. This won’t be normal, but it was a great lesson.

I am going to keep up with walking or hiking daily, even if that means I have to get on the treadmill. I am also going to fit in other exercises. I am seeing that exercise can fit into my schedule, I just have to quit making excuses.

Other than my allergies, I am feeling much better than I do most Decembers. I am active and I feel fairly healthy. I am happy and not trying to numb any discomfort. I am thinking about treating myself right instead of justifying why I eat the way I do. But, I really don’t have to try to justify it because I am eating much better.

I walked in my knee high boots while with my son, and that was not quite a week after my shots in my feet. My feet hurt for several days and still give me problems at times. I wonder if I wasted the shots or if they will get better before I have to go back in. I had hoped that they were going to be the last ones. As I sit here typing, though, my big toe on my right foot has gone numb. The balls of my feet have also hurt throughout the last week. But even with them being painful, they don’t feel like they did before the shots began.

So to wrap up, I believe that I am on a good trajectory and I will be able to follow through when the 100 day challenge is over.  I even plan on trying other challenges through the year.


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