Second Christmas: Day 97

For Christmas, we went visiting, so today was our second Christmas.  We had my parents over for dinner, dessert, and gifts. Since the kids stated leaving home, we’ve had divided Christmases, but we have always been able to spend it with much of the family. This year we first went to see my son and his wife in Washington. Saturday and Sunday were spent just enjoying their company. We watched movies and went for walks. Then Monday through Wednesday we were with two of our girls and our grandson.

It was a lovely way to spend a week with no plans and no expectations. My grandson even let us have a quiet Christmas day. It was quite an unexpected surprise. We put together toys, played with some of them, visited, and ate. But I never over ate on the trip.

Here at home, it was quiet and simple too. We had a lovely time and opened more presents, but mostly just enjoyed being together.

And, we still have my granddaughters and the fourth of our kids to see.  This won’t be a quiet time, but it will be pleasant and loving. That is what I love most about Christmas and why splitting it up is important to me.  We don’t have to stick to just the one day to show others that we love them.

(Tomorrow, I will post all the blogs I hand wrote while I was gone.)


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