Training?: Day 90

I talked to a trainer I worked with about five years ago today to see if she could help me get going on my training. I have been struggling getting out there. I hike here and there, but for a longer backpacking trip, that type of training isn’t enough. We learned that this year. She lives on the other side of the country but would love to help out as a way of accountability and suggestions.

The first question she asked though was what my hiking/walking goal was for tomorrow, next week, next month. I hadn’t even thought about the training in terms of mileage goals. That would probably be a great start. Just stating that I want to hike a few times each week is too vague. It is too easy to push the day’s hike of to do something else. And, I always have something else to do. A set amount of miles though, would be harder. I would have to be sure to do the right amount or I would see that I am getting behind much easier.  I am not going to worry about meeting any goals until after the new year, but that is because of all the things that go along with Christmas.

I do want to start thinking about the daily, weekly, and monthly goals though. Having a plan would make me more motivated and then I can chat with the trainer to be sure I am meeting those goals and to get any exercises that would help. I have read a lot from Backpacker Magazine, so I have those exercises. I also know that I need to add on weight every month until I surpass the weight that I intend to carry on the trip.

With all my intentions and talk about training, I know that I really wasn’t in training. Now I will prepare and go into it with more gusto.


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