Baking Day: Day 89

Today was a day for baking. I have certain recipes that are requested from family members each year. There is the sweet breakfast bread and the savory breakfast bread.  Then I have the cakes I like to make because of the flavor. I have been learning how to make some of my favorites dairy free. But none the less, I have been baking all day. I have also made two dinners – one for a friend’s family and one for my husband and myself.

To spend the entire day in the kitchen is very calming and peaceful. I feel accomplished and creative. It keeps me on my toes and moving all day and takes some planning for things to come out and keep moving in an orderly fashion.

I didn’t get to make my cookies, but I will do that tomorrow. I didn’t stay off the computer for the most part.  And I have been very active. I have also had time to spread the joy to others. That is what I like about cooking and baking. I love to show my appreciation through a well put together meal or bread.

Today has been a very successful day.


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