A Different Approach: Day 88

Since I had injections to my feet yesterday, I had planned a day of sitting in my comfy lounge chair. Monday, I stacked books, my laptop, my kindle, and my beads on the floor beside it. I had some phone calls planned and work to do. The plan was to sit in the chair all day and let my feet rest. And, that is what I did after I cleaned the house and needed to get off my feet.

It was a great day of rest that I couldn’t have appreciated it until I experienced it. I got so much done and was creative and restive.  My work was done early and yet it felt like the day flew by. When I starIMG_20181219_191455707ted to work on my jewelry, I realized that I needed to sit at the table to work better. I laid out what I had and started designing. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but I had to create the projects all on my own. This was the first time that I actually made some jewelry on my own. Usually I have a pattern and a support group. We get together for a beading night every December. I am a novice, and that is the only time I bead. Our gathering had been cancelled and with being assigned to stay off my feet, I thought I would take a go at it. I started with car bling. I had the main charm and the supporting beads; some chain was in my box. But when looking at all my beads, I started putting together a complete original. Then I took out the bookmark pieces and realized that I had other beads that would put a nice touch on it. I was raring to go when I created the necklace. I like clasps on the side so they are easier to do and so that I don’t have to worry about the chain slipping around. Then I saw some beads that looked like they were meant to go with the unicorn charm. I put them together and am proud of the results.

I have not been creative like this in a very long time. Even when I was doing crafts with my grandchildren this summer, I was using a pattern. I usually get nervous when I have to start something with beads or some other main material that I have to dream up how it goes together. But this time, I felt excited. It just worked out. I give account to the fact that I took it easy all day and didn’t force anything. I also stayed off the computer until quite late this afternoon. I wasn’t distracted by all the finished pieces. I just had my imagination to work with. Now I am excitedly typing this up knowing what my topic was going to be before I go searching for one on the internet. Maybe I should take restful computer free days more often. I could actually find myself more productive.  I didn’t even worry about the cooking and wrapping I need to do in the next couple of days. If they get done, then all is good. But, if I don’t get to them, nothing is hurt. It is so peaceful being in this state of mind. I am grateful for the down day.



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